Trying Again

I found this post going through some drafts. I think I wrote it back in the fall? Most of the time I keep these feelings shut away. I do that by avoiding reading the Bible and praying, because trying to get close to God brings all this up. But when I let myself feel it, it’s still… More Trying Again


Photo Credit (Note: This post contains lots of Christian denomination speak, and if you aren’t familiar with that topic, this may all seem a bit foreign–not to mention unnecessary. Suffice it to say that the denomination I grew up in was a huge part of my identity for a long time, and I carried lots… More Presbotist

The Wedding Month

Hey there, folks. Michael and I are back in Alabama for a super special wedding this weekend: my partner in crime, my favorite (okay, only) brother is getting married, and we’re here to celebrate him and his wonderful wife. The next few days will be full of joy and festivities, but it will be kinda… More The Wedding Month

Here is the World

The past few days have been glorious summer. The sky is that deep, deep blue that feels like the essence of blue. The trees and grass are rich late summer green, and a breeze keeps the sun from completely baking you. When you stand under the shade of a tree, the world feels very nearly… More Here is the World