Work Smarter

I wrote this post three years ago, toward the end of my first year of teaching high school. Commentary at the end. **** April 2013 Ladies and gentlemen, this is a full-blown panic. After a talk with my administrator, I have started to ask myself: Can I really do this? I need to give out … More Work Smarter

Catching Moments

It’s summer, which has become my second favorite season. Some weeks I love it just as much as fall. I’m preparing to take qualifying exams in September (fingers crossed). Some days I’m very anxious; other days, not so much. I can’t say I feel prepared, but I do think I’m making progress (albeit slowly). I’m … More Catching Moments

Trying Again

I found this post going through some drafts. I think I wrote it back in the fall? Most of the time I keep these feelings shut away. I do that by avoiding reading the Bible and praying, because trying to get close to God brings all this up. But when I let myself feel it, it’s still … More Trying Again


Photo Credit (Note: This post contains lots of Christian denomination speak, and if you aren’t familiar with that topic, this may all seem a bit foreign–not to mention unnecessary. Suffice it to say that the denomination I grew up in was a huge part of my identity for a long time, and I carried lots … More Presbotist